The word mishmish مـِش is used to negate a phrase. It is either placed in front of the verb or preposition, or wrapped around it.

Preposition I have cigarettes Aandi sagaayarAandy sagaayar
عـَندي سـَجا َيـَر
I don't have any cigarettes maAandeesh sagaayarmaAandysh sagaayar
مـَعـَنديش سـَجا َيـَر
There is water fi mayaahfy mayaah
في مـَيا َه
There is no water mafeesh mayaahmafysh mayaah
مـَفيش مـَيا َه
kaan I was there 'ana kunt hinaakaacnaa kunt hinaak
أنا َ كـُنت هـِنا َك
I was not there 'ana makuntish hinaakaacnaa makuntish hinaak
أنا َ مـَكـُنت ِش هـِنا َك
perfect I saw Ahmed 'ana shuft 'ahmadaacnaa shuft aacHmad
أنا َ شـُفت أحمـَد
I did not see Ahmed 'ana mashuftish 'ahmadaacnaa mashuftish aacHmad
أنا َ مـَشـُفت ِش أحمـَد
participle I know 'ana Aaarifaacnaa Aaarif
أنا َ عا َر ِف
I do not know 'ana mish Aaarifaacnaa mish Aaarif
أنا َ مـِش عا َر ِف

'ana maAaarifshaacnaa maAaarifsh
أنا َ مـَعا َر ِفش
imperfect He wants to eat Aaayiz yaakulAaayiz yaakul
عا َيـِز يا َكـُل
He does not want to eat mish Aaayiz yaakulmish Aaayiz yaakul
مـِش عا َيـِز يا َكـُل
he must not eat mayaakulshmayaakulsh
مـَيا َكـُلش
bi-imperfect I like this book bahibb ilkitaab dahbaHibb iil-kitaab dah
بـَحـِبّ ا ِلكـِتا َب د َه
I do not like this book mabahibbsh ilkitaab dahmabaHibbsh iil-kitaab dah
مـَبـَحـِبّش ا ِلكـِتا َب د َه

less common...
mish bahibb ilkitaab dahmish baHibb iil-kitaab dah
مـِش بـَحـِبّ ا ِلكـِتا َب د َه
Ha-imperfect I will buy the book hashtiri ilkitaabhaashtiry iil-kitaab
ها َشتـِري ا ِلكـِتا َب
I will not buy the book mish hashtiri ilkitaabmish haashtiry iil-kitaab
مـِش ها َشتـِري ا ِلكـِتا َب
imperative go away!iimshy!
don't go!use mish+you-imperfect

Sometimes ma- is used on it own- the -sh does not appear after the word. There are no rules about when this can happen.