Privacy policy

This document describes how your personal information is used by the web site and applications.

No personal information is ever supplied to any third party.

The web site and applications have access to the following personal information:

Web site

The web site uses your IP address to direct your queries to the nearest web server. The web server retains your IP address together with details of web site activities in order to monitor usage and to assist with load sharing between web servers.

The web server retains every word that you search for. We use this information to fine-tune our search techniques and to identify popular words that are not already in the dictionary

The web server retains details of every sound file that you download, and every word or example that you listen to. This information is used to monitor usage and assist with load sharing.

Parts of the web site use cookies to retain your personal preferences, for example how arabic words are to be displayed. These cookies are stored on your device.

If you send an email to us via the web site, The web server does not retain your email address.


If you download sound files or listen to word and example sounds from the web server, details of the files, words and examples are retained on the web server. This information is used to monitor usage and assist with load sharing.

No other personal information is forwarded by your device to the server.

The settings section of the app retains your personal preferences on your device, for example font size and how arabic words are to be displayed.

The vocabulary learning section of the app retains details on your device of the words that you select for your personal vocabulary list, and the scores that you assign to each word whilst studying.

In the pronunciation section, when you click the record button, the app makes a recording of yourself saying a word so that you can compare your pronunciation with the official version. The recording is not retained.

If you send an email to us using the app, the request is passed on to your email app. The dictionary app never has access to your email address.


If you send an email to us, we will reply to your email but will not sent any unsolicited emails. We will retain your email and our reply in their original form (including your email address) for reference.

Subject Access Requests

If you send us a Subject Access Request, we are required to provide you with copies of all of the personal information that we retain.

If you wish to submit a Subject Access Request, please get in touch using the Contact us form on the web site: please use words "Subject Access Request" as the subject of the message. We will get back to you with details of fees for this service and the information that we require from you in order to process your request.

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